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City’s credit policy following broken water pipe is very disappointing

By Staff | Jan 14, 2021

To the editor:

Recently the property I rent had a leak in an underground pipe in the yard. I called a plumber who said a pipe had broken. I immediately authorized the repair and got it fixed on the spot.

I then got a huge water bill — $2,000. My usual bill is $68.

I went to the Cape Coral Utilities Department to fill out a form to adjust my water bill of $2,000. I was informed they only adjust it 50% and I would be responsible for a bill of $1,000. They did offer a payment plan of an $78 a month. Also I have to wait two billing cycles for the adjustment. I was informed this is a city ordinance.

I’m shocked at the city’s handling of this. Even if we were not in a pandemic this seems quite excessive. $78 is approximately 50 cents an hour for a full-time worker every month. Surely there is a better, more sensitive way the city can handle this. An inground leak that is not the property owner’s fault? This is how the city takes care of its citizens? I find this very disappointing.

Daneial Greenwell

Cape Coral citizen since 2012