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Blame the capitalists

By Staff | Dec 17, 2020

To the editor:

The letter last week by Jack Wagner is a fine example of the notion that sufficiently strong and sincere belief somehow can automatically turn any idea whatever into concrete truth!

The writer spoke of “Democratic Cities;” sounds to me like a Socialistic proposal of some sort. The fact of the matter is that large cities have for some time now been beset by job shortages. People vote Democratic in the forlorn hope that the Dems can/will do something to help.

The Dems would like to, but it is largely out of their reach. .Jobs are naturally and properly in the hands of the Capitalists. (In the present instances, “criminal capitalists”would be a more appropriate term). In order to make the very last penny of profit, they send the jobs out — to Asia, Mexico and the Southern Hemisphere. Then it is up to the people, the rest of us, to somehow help those left behind to survive — at taxpayer expense. . That is a sweet deal for the CrimCaps, no ? ?

Sorry, “belief” just does not hack it. The Dems are NOT the guilty agent here.

Allen Wollscheidt

Cape Coral