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Why I would not vote for Biden

By Staff | Oct 15, 2020

To the editor:

Can Biden manage domestic affairs?

Joe is most famous for chairing the judicial committee that started the brutalizing of the Supreme Court approval process with his orchestrated war against Judge Bork. Since then, all Republican nominees have been attacked with imagined accusations, leftist scholar musings, or wild unsubstantiated conspiracy theories, anything that would get the attention of fake news. But Democratic nominees have received a considerable number of Republican votes because Republicans honor the process, recognize that Democrats have the right to nominate a person, and vote for a judge based upon their knowledge, judicial temperament and dedication.

I have watched Joe on the judicial committee beginning in the ’70s and ’80s. He is notorious for being partisan and talking too long for the witness to have any time left to respond.

His political rhetoric with women and minorities is all talk. Obama/Biden had a great opportunity to bring the races together for eight years. They made matters worse. Today, the Democratic governments in the major cities have riots and thousands of small businesses destroyed. The rioting, looting and burning was caused by the Democrats not training and managing the police to be even handed and the allowance of criminals in their midst.

Biden’s book reveals that he is very popular with the ladies. His touchy-feely behavior with women does not seem to cross the line but there is no doubt that he is a ladies’ man. Note he did not speak out when Clinton violated about every sexual harassment rule in the book nor when other Democrats were caught harassing women!

In regard to health care, our medical systems have become more of a money machine under Obama/Biden. Surgeries, tests, medication and special treatments have taken a gigantic drain on our health costs. The cancer “team” so popular today often cost the patient $1,000,000 to die.

Obama/Biden sold ObamaCare with many promises unfulfilled. Those who have benefited most are the insurance companies and the medical profession. We don’t need more government spending; we need to make the services more competitive and simple. Inexpensive procedures should be available as well as the ghastly expensive procedures that can impact your life negatively until you die.

In regard to the economy, our recovery from 2009 was the slowest since the great depression. Roosevelt tried to spend us out of a recession but 1937 was even worse than 1932 when Roosevelt was elected. Obama/Biden tried to do the same thing with large sums given to unproven environmental companies and other pet Democratic organizations. Cash for Clunkers was a typical idea that went totally awry because the Government cost was over $20,000 per clunker.

Shovel-ready jobs were pushed through without proper engineering and resulted in shifting the hole for unemployment to a later date. Regulations were established at a record pace, many of which put up barriers for business costing jobs.

Biden would raise taxes on those making over $400,000, a very convenient number since it covers less than 1% of the voters and milks those who envy success. According to the Tax Foundation General Equilibrium Model, Biden’s tax plan would reduce the economy’s size by 1.51 percent, reduce wages and cut 585,000 full-time jobs.

I appreciate people who want to vote for Biden but I wish it was because of Biden’s record instead of listening to fake news and the candidate’s fantasy rhetoric.

John A.Benedict

Cape Coral