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Must we take all the charm from the Cape?

By Staff | Oct 15, 2020

To the editor:

The city took KC’s, a fun beach joint; plans to change Bimini Basin into a nightclub/bar scene; changed Southeast 47th Terrace, which needed updating, but have you tried walking side by side on the sidewalks? Try it — it’s an expensive bad design.

Now, once again, they are looking to change the Yacht Club. Who are you kidding? You wanted a nightclub/bar in the pavilion. When you got opposition, you solved that problem — you tore it down. Now the renderings show the entire Yacht Basin will be “re-imagined.” Oh look, walking paths for people who don’t want to get sand in their shoes.

How stupid do you think we are? You aren’t putting in all those docks for just the Boat House. Let’s be honest, The Boat House wanted all the parking spaces for valet parking so their customers wouldn’t be inconvenienced. No, you have much bigger plans and soon FAMILIES will lose their beach — the splash pad is a ruse so families will think you like them. You want to tear down the Tony Rotino Center, tear out the pool and tennis courts. Look at all that property waiting to be “re-imagined!”

Our new city manager, Rob Hernandez, was quoted in a regional newspaper on Sunday, Oct. 11, “steered the council away from focusing on the details of the large project and toward concentrating on the overall plan by promising time in the future to tackle the details.”

The future has already been determined and the problem is FAMILIES are being omitted from it. This is Florida people, we came here for the beach and sand, and safe places to take our children and grandchildren!

The mayor and City Council should be ashamed of themselves.

Debbie Zalesky

Cape Coral