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Open vs Closed primaries

By Staff | Oct 8, 2020

To the editor:

Florida Open Primaries is a grassroots movement of diverse Florida voters working to pass Amendment 3 to let All Voters Vote.

Essentially, it creates an Open Primary where anyone can vote for anyone.

All primaries are funded by taxpayers. All registered voters should be able to vote in publicly funded elections.

We already use the “Top Two” open primary system when voting for Mayor, City Council members, School Board and other local, but non-partisan, races.

It works, because everyone gets to vote for whomever they want!

Originally, this was approved back in 1997, but the funky State legislature and governor deep-sixed the approval for reasons unknown.

Currently, Florida is 1 of 16 states with a closed primary, where a person has to vote for the organization that they are associated with i.e. Republican for Republican, Democrat for Democrat, Independent…. well they are screwed and can’t vote for anybody.

The amendment codifies the law to allow for open voting in all primaries regardless of party affiliation.

Amendment 3 will change the current policy and create a level playing field.

n Allows all voters to vote in primary elections for legislature, governor, and cabinet, regardless of the political party affiliation of the voter or candidate.

n Creates a single primary for each office — all candidates for an office appear on the same ballot, regardless of party affiliation.

n Top two vote getters in primary advance to general election.

n Prevents taxpayer dollars from being used to fund elections that exclude registered qualified voters.

Please, vote for Amendment 3.

Voting is in progress.

Please, vote soon and vote just once

Warren Schirado

Cape Coral