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Masking the real problem

By Staff | Oct 8, 2020

To the editor:

It seems the biggest issue in the country now is the mask, at least with Democrats — and Joe Biden is never shown without his. In fact, one could say Biden himself is a “mask” as he has conveniently served as a distraction from the riots in Democrat-controlled cities and from the radicals in his own party.

For a long time, he failed to even mention them. Instead he announced “I am the Democrat Party!”

He campaigns as the candidate of and from the working class of America (even though he’s been in Congress for 49 years.) Nevertheless, he now claims ability to solve all their problems, I suppose by taxing the rich. He also aims to solve virus problems by mandating everyone wear masks, and seems unaware he is recommending other things Trump has already done

But he presents himself as an experienced fixer — with empathy and concern for all (except when he yells “Shut-up!” to the President in a debate.)

Meanwhile, Democrat radicals, whether behind desks or in the streets, are organizing to get him elected.

Their intent is to end America as founded and as we know it; Biden is merely a “mask” for their purpose.

Trump knows this. Whether Biden really understands — or even cares — is anyone’s guess.

Jan Ganter

Fort Myers