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For shame

By Staff | Oct 1, 2020

To the editor:

It really seems a shame to me that our city is willing to spend millions on an old golf course and property in Matlacha but can’t seem to find the money to keep the Military Museum open.

Money appears for all sorts of ideas and projects that don’t really help anyone.

This museum was one of the most interesting places that I found when I moved to Cape Coral five years ago. The help it afforded those who bravely and selflessly fought to preserve our countries freedom should well be worth whatever the amount needed to keep it open. For some of these men and women, this place was their therapy. This place was their place to be with others who went through the same trials and horrors as they did. This was a place where they could bring their families to show and teach them how and why we are free in America.

With what is being taught in schools today and what is not being taught, this place was a reminder of the sacrifices that others made so we could live in the best country in the world. You won’t see things like what were in the Museum on the news anymore. Dissention and violence are shown to highlight all of our differences instead of showing how all Americans can and did stand together to defend our great country.

Shame on the City Council for not stepping up to save this wonderful museum.

Ken Holley

Cape Coral