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Identity politics in action

By Staff | Sep 10, 2020

To the editor:

Now we see the elevation of violence in the large cities governed by the Democrats. Property burned and looted! Police assaulted. Now a member of a violent support group of the BLM movement shot a person with an opposing point of view recently. Associated Press writer Jaimie Ding reported that far-left-leaning militant groups have formed to fight for full abandonment of the police and cause chaos in our cities through violent action.

BLM and violent groups supporting their efforts cannot continue this violence against people, businesses, the police and the law without a response from the right.

That kind of violence can only escalate. Then we have a huge gang war with innocent victims everywhere.

Why is this happening? A one-party system in our large cities wins elections by crying racist to any opponent. They govern, however, trying to satisfy two special interest groups, minorities and the police unions. They allow police to bully minority groups yet they support violent protests while handcuffing the police. That is two opposite actions.

Typical of identity politics, there is a conflict between the two special-interest groups similar to pro-abortion groups and Catholics. By catering to the anti-police BLM and piggy back violent groups they are threatening their own police unions. Allowing violence to satisfy the Democratic identity politics plan can only lead to gang war and anarchy.

You are watching identity politics in action. We need American politics, not identity politics.

John Benedict

Cape Coral