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Trump has given America new hope

By Staff | Sep 3, 2020

To the editor:

I am 76 years young, 100% DAV, and served my country during the Viet Nam war, 1964-1968. When I got discharged I went back to college in Boston on the VA bill. I was very naive about “politics” but took a class on political science where I learned from a teacher who started our class out by saying the biggest problem in America now is “apathy.”

People are working trying to survive and not paying enough attention to what the government is doing and I remembered how my father was always working two jobs to support five children, my grandmother and great grandmother. He taught me a great work ethic and I never got interested in politics until I moved down to Florida in 2014.

All the handwriting on the wall is the Democrats are trying to bring America into “socialism” and the generations of younger people have no concept of how the Christians left Europe and the king and came to America for the freedoms that socialism and communism take away.

America’s founding document is our Declaration of Independence: All men are created equal, that they are endowed by our creator, with certain unalienable rights and among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. No country in the world had ever been established on this principle. This was uniquely an American idea. The idea is our freedoms are “unalienable” because they are created by God, not government. If they are granted by God, government has no right to take them away!

This principle allowed America to quickly grow to become the best, most prosperous nation in human history.

But this American idea is under attack by many of our schools, colleges, the media and the Liberal Democrats. The Liberal Democrats are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to launch the most vile, personal attacks imaginable to distract the American people from President Trump’s historic accomplishments.

The impeachment was a dirty scam and the lies that Nancy Pelosi and the national Democrats tell can’t change the facts before the COVID-19 pandemic 7.1 million new jobs had been created since President Trump was elected and unemployment reached a 50-year low! Our military dealt a crushing blow to Iran’s terrorist Quds force, decimated ISIS, killing General Q. Soleimani, a man responsible for the death of at least 600 US soldiers. Trump is building the border wall, slashing government regulations and giving us more power over our finances by cutting taxes!

Fellow Americans, we must protect the security gains made under President Trump and conservative Republicans at all cost. And get America back to work.

If Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer recapture the Senate, they will ram through their entire tax-hiking, anti-freedom agenda, just like they did with Obama care. Socialism and Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are perfect examples of how it doesn’t work and Cuba and Venezuela are proof it doesn’t work.

Look at what Obama and Biden did in their control: Economic stagnation, millions of people on food stamps and welfare that cost us hard workers more taxes. Weak border security, massive illegal immigration ushering in hardened criminals and drug cartels! Sanctuary cities that harbor them and allowing them to strike again on unsuspecting public and business! Skyrocketing health insurance premiums, war on America police and law enforcement, riots in the streets, attacks on religious liberty and traditional values! Scandals at the IRS, the VA taking forever to see us 100% DAV’s! And the country becoming sharply divided over racial, ethnic and gender lines.

President Trump has given America new hope and believes in the American work ethic! He has provided America with a strong, positive leadership we have needed for a long time! Make no mistake, President Trump’s enemies are extremely powerful, active and very well funded, and they are highly energized. ‘Warning, if America turns Socialist we all stand to lose.

Walter B. Preble III

Cape Coral