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Proceed at your own peril

By Staff | Sep 3, 2020

To the editor:

Some of the local newspapers are featuring large displays on their sports sections of the boycotts by players of their games to support their personal political agendas. These features failed to recognize that the NBA has chosen to obviously become a political organization and no longer is focused on their stated mission of a professional sports league. While many of its former fans have moved away from watching the NBA and also professional baseball in the past, I suspect that this latest display of vocalizing of their personal political beliefs as boring and unnecessary, and doesn’t add to their jobs as highly paid players.

All of us have our own personal beliefs and watch professional sports for entertainment and are not interested in their political displays. My caution to these sports leagues would be, keep it up and people might just quit watching your games that reward you with great wealth doing not much at all. You are all spoiled. Get a real job and see what the rest of the world lives in on a daily basis.

George Hoover

Cape Coral