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Kindness a trait worth voting for

By Staff | Sep 3, 2020

To the editor:

My wife and I recently moved to SW Florida about a year ago from Illinois. We live in Cape Coral and really enjoy our new life style.

Last month, an elderly woman who was our neighbor passed on. She was removed from the house by police. This woman had no family and no husband. I found out later she had only a neighbor who helped her out from time to time.

Within weeks the outside of the house was looking unkempt. The grass was overgrown and the shrubs needed upkeep. One day I came home and noticed the house was once again looking good. I later found out it was the same neighbor who helped this woman when she was alive. This man has a full time job, a wife, a music business and two kids living at home with him. No one is paying this man to do this.

I also found out he is running for Cape Coral city council.

His name is Chris Cammarota. If this is not a servant’s heart, I don’t know what is. My wife and I will be voting for this man in November. I hope many people will do the same. This is exactly the kind of man I want on Council.

Tony Bavuso

Cape Coral