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Letter was dead-on

By Staff | Jul 30, 2020

To the editor:

In response to a recent letter to the editor by Tom Krieser, I totally agree with all of the comments regarding President Trump and what he has done for this country. I am not afraid to say I am a Republican and will vote for Donald Trump once again. The leftist media criticize everything President Trump does. They are extremely immature, hateful, jealous, and fearful of him getting rid of “the swamp,” and I believe they are causing the racial strife in our country, they are the ones who are prejudiced, not Donald Trump.

We should be proud Donald Trump is our president. He is a workaholic, a good businessman, does not drink alcohol or take drugs, and his children are very educated.

Can any other president say that? He has kept up and fulfilled all of his campaign promises since day one.

Nancy Pelosi was angry that President Trump stopped overseas travel from China to the U.S. after COVID-19 started, and told people in Southern California to go to Chinatown, that President Trump was a xenophobic, then later accused him of not acting fast enough to shut everything down. This is how the Democrats work!!

Not standing up for the national anthem is a horrible way to support a cause, and if athletes and other radicals do not like the country, then get out, you are not teaching kids anything except disrespect and bad behavior. Then there is the action of the destructive and mindless criminals that are looting, rioting, defacing personal property, knocking down statues and burning buildings. Really people, “enough is enough!!”, and nobody says anything about the crowd of protestors not wearing masks, half of them!

We should not and cannot defund the police, but we do need police reform, and zero tolerance for any police violation. They are supposed to enforce the law, not break it and set a good example. They should not have their salaries paid if they are caught in any violation of crime, but instead be fired immediately like everybody else! Maybe then, citizens will have more respect for them. There is good and bad in every profession, policemen and women are no different, although I do believe they are mostly very good, and risk their lives every day. The mayors and police chiefs and governors who cannot control their city’s crimes should have the federal officials present, I do agree with President Trump, and also agree that “all lives matter.”

The changing of history books and the brain washing of students and young adults is horrible, and these socialists do not care about the United States and the history of America.

In our county, if we change the name of Lee County and some of the streets, this will cost the taxpayers a lot of money, and everyone will be angry about that!

What will be next, knocking down Jesus on the cross in some churches?

In conclusion, you can’t change the way people think for the most part, and I love the way President Trump tells it like it is, not being afraid of stating his opinion and not sugar coating things. The liberals, Democrats, socialists and leftist media are pathetic. I believe Pelosi, the pretender, promotes hate, and sleepy, sloppy Joe needs to go. The third time will not be the charm for him. Even Mr. Obama is only supporting Joe Biden now because there is nobody else.

Wake up America!!

Michele Pasquariello

North Fort Myers