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Chris Cammarota for City Council District 3

By Staff | Jul 30, 2020

To the editor:

I have known Chris Cammarota for several years. He is passionate about wanting to serve the citizens of Cape Coral. Chris is a true patriot, a conservative Republican and believes in upholding the constitution, which he teaches to his son. Jonathan Martin, chairman of the Lee County Republican Executive Committee, stated that he cannot think of a better example than Chris as a person who wants to make Cape Coral a better place to live.

With Cape Coral being Chris’ home for many years, Chris knows the concerns of the citizens: water quality, rising taxes, poor stewardship of the city’s monies, e.g. not discerning “wants” from “needs.” As a family man, Chris knows the value of every penny in a budget and wants to improve how our tax dollars are collected and spent. Chris gives generously of his time to help people and he will do the same as a council member. He will listen to you from his heart.

As a veteran, Chris has worked tirelessly for veterans’ causes. He also donates his time and use of his business “The Jukebox Hero” free of charge for other worthy causes.

Please go to Chris’ website: Thecapevotesforchris.com to learn more about Chris. He is asking for your vote and pledges to work in the best interests of Cape Coral citizens.

Grace A. Golling