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Pants on fire

By Staff | Apr 3, 2020

To the editor:

On March 6, President Donald Trump said, “Anybody that wants a test can get a test. That’s what the bottom line is.” He proclaimed this during a visit to the CDC in Atlanta, Georgia. Just before March 12, Governor Ron DeSantis proclaimed anyone in Florida “experiencing symptoms, if they speak to a physician, and they think they should be tested” should be. President Trump’s statement has since been ruled as a “Pants on Fire!” lie by PolitiFact, and I can speak from personal experience that Gov. DeSantis is lying.

Two weeks ago, I began having symptoms, including high fever that spiked to 102F. I went in to be tested at Lee Health the next day, where I was not tested and prescribed a general antibiotic. Fast forward one week, and where I had a persistent cough that will not go away. I go back to Lee Health. They didn’t even bother to listen to my lungs or check my blood pressure and told me they didn’t want to use a test on me. Just to make things truly interesting, they attempted to show me a flowchart to show how they came to their determination that I did not qualify for a test. While doing so, they covered up the section labeled, “Moderate.” When I asked to look at the moderate section on the flowchart, the nurse threatened to call security on me. Add to that, I had to wait in my car, in the Florida heat, for three hours to be called in to only be told to go home; I was not sick enough.

My wife, who is a licensed physician, is now concerned about whether I might be developing pneumonia. As a precaution, she ordered a chest X-ray, so she could examine my lungs. As I approached the radiology center, I was met at the door by two assistants. When the examined the referral from my wife, they said they could not X-ray me, because I was marked as, “Shortness of Breath.” In this case, I was too sick.

I told the radiology nurses that the state has no idea who is carrying the COVID-19 virus, and they will keep the state from accurately tracking the disease. The women agreed. So, all I can do is self-quarantine myself, and stay as far away from people as possible

What I do know to be true is this; don’t believe the numbers coming out of Florida. They are not testing anyone unless they are deemed serious or need to be intubated. I fear for this state. Gov. DeSantis allowed Spring Break to occur unabated and refuses to issue a strict stay in place order. Our state is a tinderbox, about to explode. In the meantime, the governor dickers around with the lives of Floridians.

In education, we talk about people who are “Consciously Incompetent.” To be blunter, he is either stupid or doesn’t care. Our governor should know what needs to be done and is refusing to do it. Our system is broken, and the governor is a liar. Trust me, I know.

Thomas Pound

Cape Cora