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Bias against Trump has deep roots

By Staff | Feb 7, 2020

To the editor:

The Democrats and fake news have manufactured animus toward our president. That is proven by those who dislike Trump but cannot explain why in terms of his role and accomplishments as a president.

Consider that the animus was alive even at the 2011 prayer breakfast and long before he became a candidate for the presidency. Impeachment was brought up immediately after the election and before he took office. That has never happened in this country before.

Note the bias of the news media and even the talk shows; talk shows poked fun at Bush practically every night before Obama became president; Obama received almost no jokes during his presidency; Trump was castigated by the Hollywood establishment once he declared as a candidate and it has only gotten worse.

A month before the 2016 election I counted eight negative articles in a single edition of the Washington Post and not a single positive Trump article. That was typical and continues today.

This is herd mentality. It seems that many hearing the negative fake news long enough stampede into this same mind set.

Why does Trump receive so much more than even other Republican presidents? I suggest it is because the Democrats and fake news are afraid of his actions. How would you feel if you were an alligator and someone was draining the swamp?

John Benedict

Cape Coral