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Trump is not my president

By Staff | Jan 17, 2020

To the editor:

Trump and his congressional, Republican, money-driven bootlickers are making a mockery out of the presidency and the judicial system of the United States. Since his inauguration, Trump’s volatile administration resembles a continuous game of musical chairs. Not only can’t he keep his administration together, but recently six of his close associates have become convicted criminals. Trump’s presidency is like a fast-moving cancer decaying what was once a reasonably healthy human body.

First of all, not only did President Obama pull this country out of an economic disaster 10 years ago, but he and his administration and their eight years in office created the good economy that we have today, NOT Trump.

Not only is Trump’s contamination infecting our country’s Constitution, unity, rule of law, ecology, economy and our morals (to name a few), his questionable approach to governing is spreading throughout the world, fueled by his disrespect for the United Nations, our allies, and the environment. He has rekindled the plague of racism and the division he has caused among our citizens is unprecedented. What kind of man ridicules a 16-year-old girl who is trying to make our planet a better place while his wife is trying to conduct an anti-bullying campaign? What kind of a human being at one of his pep rallies makes fun of a handicapped person? What kind of patriot disrespects a decorated military hero because he got captured? What kind of citizen disrespects the parents of one of our fallen soldiers? What kind of a businessman creates a university in his own name that defrauds and rips off the students? What kind of husband is off allegedly fornicating with a porn star four days after his wife has given birth to their son? He clearly disrespects his wife. What kind of creep then has his lawyer reportedly threaten the porn star and her daughter with violence, and then pays off the mother to be quiet? What kind of gentleman tells a reporter that he grabs women’s genitals and does whatever he wants with them (I’ll never understand why some women voted for him), and what kind of human being separates children from their families and then loses track of where they are sent? What kind of a President won’t release his tax information?

We all know that I could go on and on recalling the facts of the harm that this “Man” has caused and continues to cause. The president of the United States and his behavior should be respected in the eyes of our citizens, in the eyes of our children for generations to come, by historians, and by the world. If Trump’s supporters consider him to be a good role model for their children, then what kind of human beings are they? Doesn’t the act of separating children from their parents ring any bells?

Hitler tried to make Germany great again. How did that work out for all his supporters who didn’t care about his morals and ethics?

Bad history keeps repeating itself for all of those who choose to forget or ignore it. Unfortunately, the leaders whom these people elect end up spilling the blood of innocent human beings.

This unethical, arrogant liar has no right to be the president of the United States. He’s not even close to what my idea of a good person or president should be. Is he yours?

Peter Pfluger

North Fort Myers