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Innocent until proven guilty

By Staff | Jan 10, 2020

To the editor:

John Szerlag has been the city manager in Cape Coral since 2012. Overseeing a budget of almost $900 million and 1,700 employees, Mr. Szerlag has skillfully navigated city business and growth through both good and not-so- good times.

There is no doubt that through his efforts the city today is a forward moving and exciting place to live, work and enjoy.

The building business is thriving. Retailers, restaurants, Realtors and service businesses are all flourishing and new entrepreneurs are rushing to the Cape to share in the excitement.

Cape Coral has emerged as a true paradise for all and John Szerlag deserves our appreciation.

Sadly, on the strength of unsupported accusations and even before the ink is dry on claims of mismanagement, some are insisting that the gallows be built and this outstanding public administrator be hung.

Let’s be clear: This is not a partisan defense of a city manager who MIGHT have goofed.

This, instead, is a call for fairness and making certain that a Washington House of Representatives type trial, where supposition, innuendo, and fake news rule the day and where politically motivated individuals are willing to ruin ones life without absolute proof of misdeeds does not come to the Cape.

We must not permit the twisted philosophy, where one is guilty until proven innocent, infect and ruin our beloved city.

Pelosiism doesn’t belong in Southwest Florida!

And John Szerlag remains a hero in Cape Coral until proven otherwise with absolute facts.

That’s what this city manager deserves — and that’s the American way!

Dick Kalfus