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House following the proper process in possible impeachment fact-finding

By Staff | Nov 1, 2019

To the editor:

I know Marco Rubio and Rick Scott understand that the process of investigation (as in closed-door, secret grand juries) is separate from a trial. I know they understand that the investigation (in the House, before the trial in the Senate) and depositions are taken in secret so no one can change their testimony because of what they heard in someone else’s testimony or deposition. I know they realize that about 47 or 48 GOP representatives are on the committees taking these depositions. I know they understand that you have to investigate before you can bring charges and that no one gets to hear the testimony against them during the investigation. I know they understand that when the charges are brought, and voted on in the House (assuming they pass), the Senate will hold the trial where the President will be able to see/hear all testimony against him and cross-examine all witnesses. I know they understand this, so I have to ask why they are lying to the American people about what is actually happening.

A Federal judge ruled that the Justice Department must provide Congress with the redacted Mueller report along with the grand jury testimony. The judge in this case said that there is no requirement for the House to hold a vote to start impeachment. So, I have to ask why Rubio and Scott are supporting the shenanigans of Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell to condemn the House. They know full well there is no way to explain or justify what the president has done.

Sallie Troutman

Cape Coral