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Chinese drywall settlement will not adequately compensate victims

By Staff | Nov 1, 2019

To the editor:

A local news outlet recently published a Chinese Drywall Settlement Notice stating that the settlement “will compensate for remediation damages and other loss claims.” It will not. Chinese drywall manufacturer Taishan offered $248M during secret negotiations. That sounds large but falls way short. None of the 3,654 plaintiffs – the toxic Chinese drywall victims – will likely be fully compensated. Some will receive far less than the cost of remediating their homes. Cost to remediate our home today is $65 per square foot. Our likely award is less than $10 per square foot, falling over $150K short.

Many of those hit hardest have ProWall Chinese drywall. And, like us, most ProWall victims live in Lee County. ProWall victims are now being victimized by the legal process

We were led to believe we were going to trial. Instead, our attorneys settled for what would be pennies on the dollar. Now, we are being told to accept a horrible offer.

If you’re a toxic Chinese drywall victim, I recommend that you join the Victims of Chinese Drywall Facebook group where victims are speaking out.

Russell Moody

Cape Coral