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Beware of contest ‘win’ callers who ask for bank account balances

By Staff | Oct 25, 2019

To the editor:

On Oct. 21, I was contacted by a person who called himself Alex on phone call from a 617 exchange, a Boston, Mass. phone number. He proceeded to tell me I had won $500,000, a second place sweepstakes prize.

It was a professional scam.

They pitched a great story, asked what my account balance was, then said the government wanted $200,000 of it for taxes, but he was a lawyer and got it down to $35,000.

Then I asked him what was the company name again “Publishers Clearing House?” He hung up. He had said originally “Consumers Clearing House.” I should have realized when he asked how much money do I have in my checking account or savings account, it was a scam because then he came up with the $35,000 amount for the government taxes.

So beware, Cape Coral, for any such phone calls.

Oh, and it took six phone calls before I could even talk to the FBI scam phone number here at 239-337-7171 and at least half hour to get a person!

Respectfully in God’s Trust

Walter B. Preble III

Cape Coral