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Media polls: Figures lie and liars figure

By Staff | Aug 23, 2019

To the editor:

Polling mis-information is now the leader in the “fake news” filling our air waves these days. Frankly, the reports are disingenuous, deliberately mis-leading, and absolutely shameful. Instead of focusing on truth that might be helpful to the average American, in his quest for accurate data, the media chooses to “make-up” statistics either for the sake of altering our opinions, creating fear, or manipulating elections. Once again, it would be better if the adage “it’s better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you’re stupid then to open it and remove all doubt.”

The dishonest, crooked, and mendacious babbling is dangerous to our democracy and should be considered unlawful. How do I know this? Recently I did my own polling.

I contacted more than 1,000 members of our email chain, living in areas across the country, and asked one simple question: “Have you ever been contacted by polling organizations and asked questions about the economy, or political preferences, or anything relating to national interest”? The results was a resounding NO – 100%.

No we have never been contacted. So, what this means is that when the media talks about “polling, ” if they don’t indicate where they got the information, how many people were surveyed, what was their ethnicity, and what their political leanings were, then it’s fair to assume that it’s “made-up” nonsense and “fake news” in all its glory!

The despicable media has become increasingly desperate in their attempt to become relevant.

Sorry, the path to this position is not the delivery of opinions, or lies, or “fake news.” Only truth and trust will serve to reestablish our faith in journalistic professionalism!

Dick Kalfus

Cape Coral