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If this Isn’t communism, I don’t know what is!

By Staff | Aug 9, 2019

To the editor:

Since I was not allowed to finish what I was reading at last Monday’s council meeting, I am giving it to the Breeze to publish in their newspaper. My 3 minutes were not up, but I was saying things they do not want the residents of Cape Coral to know. They shut off my microphone and sent over 2 security guards. What happened to free speech? This is so typical of our city government.

“I feel the majority of Cape Coral residents are not happy with your China trip for many reasons. I cannot believe we picked up the tab for all your expenses, including your passports. The number of people going was absolutely ridiculous. One woman, an interpreter, even extended her trip. Did we pay for her accommodations and meals, etc., for the extended time? What exactly did we get for the thousands of dollars this cost us? We would also like to see the total expense sheet for this trip, including petty cash, etc. There seems to be a lack of accountability from all of you.

“China is a communist country, and our debt to them is over $1 trillion. Did you forget about all the people who had life threatening problems with Chinese drywall. Some even losing their homes, lead in children’s toys, contaminated baby formula and lethal dog food. Cape Coral officials run this city almost like they do in China. We can never get to speak, or get our emails answered from our council members, city manager or mayor. We give them their paychecks and yet their arrogance and mannerisms toward the residents is disgusting. The Chinese own trillions of dollars of property, businesses, etc., in the U.S., yet we are not allowed to own anything in their country. We can lease for approximately 70 years. This is totally off balance. Having a sister city in China makes absolutely no sense to me and many other residents. I think this might be against our state code of ethics.

“After last Monday’s meeting, the council chamber was basically empty, and the mayor announces that in September we are to open our arms and hearts and welcome our new best friends, the Chinese. Really!

“A perfect example of wasteful spending was last Monday’s meeting, when Mr. Gunter from District 1 questioned the price for new palm trees. He said they could be purchased for $1,000, quite a difference from the original price. How many other times has something like this happened and just gone unnoticed.

“Mr. Williams, councilman from District 6, has been hospitalized and absent from a few meetings, and since there are no accountable hours for his, or any other constituents salary of approximately $38,000 a year, I assume he gets his full paycheck. A lot of us would like to have a job like this.

“Our city manager has had his sprinklers on at incorrect times for his location. You all think you are above the law and unfortunately you are.

“Still accepted job related phone calls. You should learn something from him. A dedicated public servant.

“Another issue is the city’s service tax and fire assessment. I cannot understand how this got passed. When you try to figure out how they come up with an amount for your property, it is so confusing. There is no way you understand it. It is on a tier basis.

“When the city was starting the extended water hook-ups in many sections of Cape Coral, if stated in the city newspaper, On The Move, that the water bills for people who already had city water and sewer would see a reduction in their water bills. That never happened. Another example of the city’s mismanagement is Sun Splash. After being allowed to sell alcohol, there still is a financial problem. Imagine if they bought LCEC. I am sure our electric bills would be astronomical. Why would you mess with a company who knows what they are doing? It makes me question your motives.

“At some point, all of us will be accountable for how and what we did while we were here, and I think it’s time this city’s government gave this some thought before it’s too late.”

Patricia Farnsworth