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Urge governor to approve funding for Sirenia Vista Park

By Staff | Jun 21, 2019

To the editor:

Senate Appropriations Bill 2500-2019, (Line Item 1747, pg. 256) contains the Cape Coral Sirenia Vista Utilities and Design bill. If passed, it may be the single most important reason the Cape becomes one of Southwest Florida’s prime ecotourism destinations.

Please call Gov. DeSantis today and ask him to sign this bill. This legislation was placed on his desk this past Friday. He has 15 days to act on it.

This bill will provide money for the construction of an Environmental Education Center at Sirenia Vista Park* or another park designated by the city. The center could be a hub for all things environmental in the Cape. Imagine programs and workshops about burrowing owls, dolphins and manatees seminars on the water quality issue, climate change and sea level rise, children’s camps and classes.

Office space could be offered to local organizations such as Conservancy of SW Florida and Captains for Clean Water. Serenia Vista Park is currently THE place to go to view osprey, manatees, purple martins and to go kayaking and fishing. Step out the door of the center and right into an outdoor science lab!

Wouldn’t it be great to have a CROW (Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife) injured animal drop-off there? How about a bait and tackle shop? Fuel economists are predicting the price of gas to rise to $4 per gallon. This environmental center would be close to home for all of us to use and admire.

Please call Gov. DeSantis at 1-850-488-7146 to voice your support for Senate Appropriations Bill 2500, pg. 256, and ask him to sign it. Create your own comments, or feel free to use mine. Email him at flgov.com.

Note: I resent this letter to the editor because I gave the wrong information on the Bill number. It is important to note the new number and use it. If you have already contacted the Governor, please resend your request. Of course, if you have not contacted the governor, please do. Thanks.

*Sirenia Vista Park


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