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Waste Pro: It’s time to visit this contract again

By Staff | Jun 14, 2019

To the editor:

For the last four weeks I’ve had a pile of palm fronds laying at the southeast corner of the lot for Waste Pro to pick up.

Two times I have gotten the little purple tag on the pile. I have checked the Waste Pro site Cape Coral Residential collection page for instructions they are as follows “Palm Fronds do not need to be cut down, bundled or tied. Just make one (1) single neat pile with nothing but palm fronds in the pile.” I had as neat of a single pile of palm fronds in front of the house as you can place them.

Yet they still drive by every week and do not pick up the yard waste.

The pick up after the Memorial Day weekend did not happen; they left everything in half of the neighborhood laying on the street.

I have called three times but they just ignore the mess they are creating. Last Friday, I talked to the driver and he said that the pile “wasn’t neat enough,” and drove off.

There are also the large items along our street that have not been picked up; mine have been there for four weeks also, others have been there longer. This street is constantly a mess due to Waste Pro.

The city of Cape Coral needs to get rid of them

The citizens of Cape Coral have to pay every year for this lousy service. We should get together and begin a class action lawsuit for breach of contract. There is nothing wrong with the money they get paid every year, yet they do not provide the service we pay for.

Donald Reed

Cape Coral