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On line voter registration site has issues

By Staff | May 11, 2018

To the editor:

I registered to vote at DMV and got a copy of my info. I received the brochure from Lee County Election Board with an application for a mail-in ballot. I never received my registration card showing my polling location.

So I went to RegistertoVoteFlorida.gov to check. Someone had hacked my info and totally changed my street, city, ZIP to a area 40 miles away.

I signed in and changed my voting status to be correct, like my application stated. Because of this hacking of my info, I would not have been able to vote this fall.

I guess this may have happened to lots of other voters here in Florida. Something is wrong and I have asked several state officials to do a audit of this site and system and find out why this site is fraudulently corrupting voter registration records.

Our right to vote is the most precious right of our democracy. Doing anything to take this from a citizen is treason. Voting should be a paid holiday. When the people in charge of the system are corrupt, our nation is in danger from within.

Becky Denham

St. James City