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Clean water is our community’s life blood

By Staff | Oct 27, 2017

To the editor:

Southwest Florida is a fabulous place with great sun, air, access to the gulf and people but there is one major embarrassment, the pollution of Caloosahatchee River. Our lovely canals and river often look black from the pollution emanating from Lake Okeechobee, creating algae, killing fish (even) dolphins, and making our canals the largest wastewater basin in the world. We understand that much of that pollution derives from sugar plants and over development without the necessary utilities to handle the waste.

In researching this problem, it is evident that our politicians have sold us out for the wealthy sugar industry and developers with the same motive. Almost 2 million people have been sacrificed for very few who have only money on their mind. It matters not to them how dirty and stinky they make our backyards and the lovely water that brought us to this place. Looking at the water, it seems analogous to someone defecating on your front lawn.

Our politicians have taken this problem lightly apparently gaining money for their campaigns. We hear rhetoric at election time but after that the noise is inaudible. The citizens of Southwest Florida are in effect subsidizing these money hungry entities rather than enjoying the lovely area blessed by God.

Isn’t it time, we step up and demand a solution to this perennial problem?

By the way, imported sugar is much cheaper!

John Benedict

Cape Coral