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Early voting fosters the right to vote

By Staff | Feb 6, 2015

Cape Coral City Council will consider Monday a proposal to spend approximately $12,000 this year to give voters the option of “early voting” in the city council primary and general elections.

Given the abysmal turnout these city-only elections see, we are hesitant to say the expenditure will be money well spent.

But call us eternal optimists, the opportunity to vote is a right so fundamental, so important, that we say allocate the funds, provide the two early voting opportunities, and hope that Cape Coral voters take advantage of their right to cast a ballot.

It will be a key election.

There are four council seats up for grabs this year. As usual, except when the city is dealing with a resignation, that’s half the elected board.

The seats held by council members John Carioscia, Lenny Nesta, Rana Erbrick and Derrick Donnell will be up for voter consideration. With Councilmember Donnell term limited out, at least one of those posts will be filled by a new face come November.

As proposed, early voting for the Sept. 15 primary would be offered Sept. 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 at a cost of about $6,000.

Early voting for the Nov. 3 general election would be offered Oct. 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 and 31, also at an estimated cost of $6,000.

In addition, mail-in ballots, would, of course, be available to registered voters looking to cast a ballot in the non-partisan, citywide elections.

Spend the money. Among those who cast a ballot, early voting and vote-by-mail have become the method of choice.

Then hope for the best – or at least a better turnout than 2013’s approximate 17 percent.

It’s the right thing to do if we’re serious about fostering the right to vote.

– Breeze editorial