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Beach would be an amenity

By Staff | Jun 18, 2011

In keeping with its new vision plan, the downtown Community Redevelopment Agency is proposing to develop a beach at Four Freedoms Park off Cape Coral Parkway.

The word “beach” may be something of a misnomer, but the proposal is one we can endorse nonetheless.

The CRA would like to expand the now-limited sandy area along the Bimini Basin landward to create an area for sunbathing or enjoying a waterview that features direct sailboat access to the river.

The new beach, like the existing riverfront facility at the Yacht Club, would not be a swimming beach but would, instead, be an amenity, a place to spread a beach towel, plop a lawn chair, or build a sand castle.

The CRA would fund up to $41,785 of the cost with the city agreeing to develop the beachfront and so pay for any cost overruns.

City Council is expected to consider an interlocal agreement with these terms on Monday.

We suggest our elected officials sign off.

The park, with its South Cape location and playground, is a popular one. As the annual Boat Parade readily illustrates, with the help of six city parking lots nearby, it can accommodate crowds for special events.

An improved waterfront would be a worthy improvement.

– Breeze editorial