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Space Force to be added to flag array at Eco Park

Veterans Midpoint Memorial Charitable Trust spearheading fundraiser for area upgrade

By CJ HADDAD - | Sep 23, 2021

The Veterans Area at Eco Park is looking to add the newest branch of the military to their display of flags waving proudly as you enter Cape Coral.

The Veterans Midpoint Memorial Charitable Trust, Inc. has announced that the Space Force flag will be added to the Department of Defense flag array at the Veterans Area at Eco Park in Cape Coral. Approximately $10,000 will be needed to purchase and install a new 30-foot pole, move the 35- foot American flagpole and refurbish the current poles. VMMCT President Gary Bowler said the poles have been at the park for nearly 20 years and the trucks are starting to fail. The target date of the new flag arrival will be 2022.

“We thought now that the Space Force is two years old, we show plan to honor them in our flag array,” Bowler said, adding they just unveiled brand new uniforms.

The new Department of Defense flag order will be Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Space Force and Coast Guard. Bowler said Memorial Bricks will have to be relocated under the proper flags, and that all bricks will be remain in their same pattern.

“The Space Force was formed to protect our country’s interest in space technology,” Bowler said. “Every day, Americans depend on the satellites in space that provide us with guidance for our clocks, computers, phones, cars, and also are the first defense against others seeking to do harm to our military systems, utilities, banks and more.”

Bowler said he’s actively trying to link with Space Force recruiters locally to learn more about the latest military branch in more than 70 years. Cape Coral Parks & Recreation has also signed off on the addition of the flag.

“We’re looking for donors and to raise funds,” Bowler said in what they trust needs to make the project happen. “The Space Force is here to stay. We’re pleased that we have the honor to do this.”

To donate to the Space Force Project, donations can be mailed to VMMCT (Veterans Midpoint Memorial Charitable Trust, Inc.), PO Box 153020, Cape Coral, FL 33915. Bowler request that any donations indicate Space Force on the donation check. If you have any questions, contact Bowler at vmmctccfl@gmail.com.

“We also need a ‘few good men or women veterans’ to join us to be sure our representation for projects with the city is continued,” Bowler said.

Memorial Bricks will be offered under the Space Force flag as soon as the project is completed.

For over 20 years, The VMMCT has assisted groups and individuals to place educational and artistic memorials at Eco Park without burdening taxpayers and is a 501-C3 organization. Contributions are tax deductible.

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