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Gulf Coast Harmonizers to offer singing valentines

By CJ HADDAD - | Feb 2, 2021

You can send your loved one or secret admirer the gift of song this Valentine’s Day, courtesy of the Gulf Coast Harmonizers.

This year, due to COVID-19, instead of arriving at your door, vocalists from the local troupe will appear in your inbox with a few songs to make the day a bit more special.

“We wanted to still be able to do singing valentines and provide something nice for loved ones,” said Gulf Coast Harmonizers President Saurin Shah, M.D. “It’s hard sometimes in isolation, especially for those vulnerable. But in spite of the isolation, at least you can send a nice love message to somebody and show them you are thinking of them.”

The harmonizers will provide two types of virtual performances: one standard and one with a customized message.

The Valentine option ($40) sees the recipient of the Singing Valentine provided a link to a video presentation of two Valentines songs sung by The Gulf Coast Harmonizers. The custom option ($60) features the two songs as well as a personalized message with text on the screen and a voice over wishing them a Happy Valentine’s Day from the sender.

The song selections this year are the barbershop-quartet-style “Heart Of My Heart” and “Let Me Call You Sweetheart.”

Shah said this is one of the group’s favorite ways to spread the joy of music, and he hopes they will be back to in-person performances on Valentine’s Day next year. Whether that happens or not, the harmonizers will continue to offer the virtual service in 2022 as well.

“In previous years we hadn’t thought of doing something like this, we would just do the local ones,” he said. “But this way, people can send singing valentines to loved ones far away.”

To order a singing valentine, call GCH’s toll-free number at 855-425-3631. One of their members will get in touch to receive information about the sender, recipient, and guide purchases through payment via Pay Pal.

For more information on the GCH, visit gulfcoastharmonizers.group.

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