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City issues blue-green algae advisory

By Staff | Jul 3, 2018

The city's "swim at your own risk" signs posted Tuesday at a number of parks.

The city of Cape Coral is alerting residents to the presence of blue-green algae along the Caloosahatchee River and near the Yacht Club Beach.

The city has posted temporary advisory signs at Rosen Park, Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve, Horton Park, Jaycee Park and the Yacht Club Beach. These signs advise residents and visitors to swim at their own risk and to avoid consuming fish from these areas. Pets should not be allowed to drink the water. If swallowed, the algae can cause gastrointestinal effects.

Blue-green algae is a naturally occurring bacteria that can live in freshwater, saltwater or mixed “brackish” water. These kinds of organisms are naturally occurring in Florida’s environment and are found all over the world. The blooms can be pushed near the shore by winds, waves, tides and currents.

The temporary signs will be removed when the algae is gone from the area.

Source: City of Cape Coral