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City: Best practices for securing construction sites, city right-of-way

By Staff | Aug 28, 2023

Storms that cause significant wind gusts may cause construction materials to become projectiles, resulting in major property damage or even injury to others. Please do your part to ensure all construction sites and the City Right-of-Way are clear of debris and that your job site is secure.

Prepare before severe weather strikes by taking all “reasonable” steps to minimize potential adverse environmental impact.

Monitor the Weather Closely. Once the National Weather Service issues a Hurricane Watch, you should prepare your job sites for the storm ahead.

• Secure all erosion and sediment control measures and remove any inlet protection, such as filter fabric, to allow stormwater to drain before posing a flood threat.

• Ensure all loose materials and equipment are removed or adequately secured immediately following the announcement of a Hurricane Warning.

• Materials include but are not limited to signage, MOT barriers, construction wind fencing, etc.

• Equipment includes, but is not limited to: cranes, scaffolding, containers, dumpsters, etc.

• Use rope, sandbags, ground anchors, and other items to weigh down materials, job site fencing, and signage that could easily fly away but must remain in place to protect the public from hazardous conditions.

• If time allows, complete work on partially completed sections to minimize damage.

• Install temporary improvements for partially completed areas, as needed, to prevent potential traveling hazards to the public.

• Have your construction dumpster picked up or cover the container securely with a tarp.

• Remove or tie down portable restrooms. Tear down and store lightweight fence screens and job site signage that will not protect the public from a hazard.

Assess damage and begin onsite and City Right-of-Way clean-up once the construction site has been cleared for safe return.

• Collect and remove all debris from City’s Right-of-Way.

• Be careful when walking in standing water, which may contain sharp or jagged objects.

• Inspect and restore all construction fences and signage.

• Inspect and restore all erosion and sediment controls measures.

Source: City of Cape Coral