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Post-Hurricane Ian Replanting Guide

??Re-vegetate the right way with tips from SCCF's Native Landscapes & Garden Center

By Staff | Dec 27, 2022

The Native Landscapes & Garden Center’s new Post-Hurricane Ian Replanting Guide offers tips for re-vegetating lawns and landscapes in Southwest Florida following Hurricane Ian, with a focus on storm-resilient native plants.

“Since its founding, SCCF has advised islanders on best practices for native landscapes that create habitat for wildlife and pollinators, protect water quality, conserve water, and provide natural beauty,” said Adult Education Director Jenny Evans. “This publication continues that mission, and we hope it can be a source of inspiration for our community as we continue to rebuild in the New Year.”

You may download the guide here: https://issuu.com/sccf3/docs/sccf_replanting_guide-final.

The Native Landscapes & Garden Center will re-open to the public with limited hours on Jan. 24. Hours will be 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday.

The Native Landscapes & Garden Center is at the historic Bailey Homestead Preserve at 1300 Periwinkle Way, Please direct any questions to info@sccf.org or 239-472-1932.