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Remote control car facility to open Aug. 1

Caloosa Trains and Hobbies R/C Park, a 9,600-square-foot facility to offer R/C race, drifting and climbing tracks, competitions

By CHUCK BALLARO - | Jul 7, 2022

Dominic Amoroso, Gabriella Lennep and Jason Fagan show off their cars Caloosa Trains and Hobbies R/C Park on Wednesday. By Chuck Ballaro

Tucked away in a business park on Pine Island Road just west of Del Prado is going to be a place where remote control car lovers from all over can gather at any time, day or night, to enjoy their favorite hobby.

Wednesday, the new indoor R/C (remote control) park opened for the media at its home at 1490 N.E. Pine Island Road, Building 10, catty-corner from its hobby shop.

Caloosa Trains and Hobbies R/C Park will be a 9,600-square-foot facility that will highlight numerous R/C race, drifting and climbing tracks as well as competitions.

Vince Stephen, owner of Caloosa Trains and Hobbies, said they opened the hobby store in March 2021 and were trying to cater to their customers said how much they wanted an indoor track.

“They said they wanted a track where they could play with their cars. We sell an incredible amount of R/C cars,” Stephen said. “They go to different places and are asked to leave because they’re construction sites. This place was available and we decided let’s do it.”

Though many adults do it, this is generally a hobby for kids. Stephen said there aren’t many things that kids can do indoors besides video games and staring at their screens. This gives them an option.

“There’s no place for kids to go to have fun, that’s safe and secure. We’ll have plenty of adult supervision and food and rentals. You can have a birthday party here. There’s a lot you can do with this space,” Stephen said.

Many of the adults who came to demonstrate their cars as they flew around the track have been doing it since they were kids.

Dominic Amoroso, a 45-year resident of Southwest Florida, said he’s been racing R/C cars since he was a kid. He thought this new facility was perfect.

“It’s never been here and it’s so neat. We’ve been looking for a track to race on, off-road, drag racing, and it’s everything. I love it. I can’t wait,” Amoroso said, who became competitive last year as a drag racer.

There will be a lounge area, commissary and more, open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for VIP members, all in air-conditioned comfort. And the planned outdoor facilities will feature drag racing, and water-based and climbing challenges.

The track is set to open Aug. 1 with a week of special events, culminating in a huge R/C event on Aug. 6, with about 175 racers expected.

Caloosa Trains and Hobbies also has a hobby shop in another building on the premises where you can stop in and buy an R/C kit to build your own car.

For those who race, it’s about camaraderie and a way to relax.

“I have my own hobby room and I tinker with my car, figure out how I can make the car faster. I love painting and doing the tops,” Amoroso. “It’s fun and relaxing and it brings people together. The kids love it.”