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The Learning Experience childcare facility to open in Cape

By CJ HADDAD - | Jan 25, 2022

The front of The Learning Experience facility, coming soon to the Cape. PHOTO PROVIDED

A fast-growing childcare franchise is coming to Cape Coral, with an anticipated opening this spring.

The Learning Experience, an early education academy based in Florida, will open a newly built facility at 1629 Skyline Blvd.

The 10,000-square-foot facility, which will have a 5,000-square-foot outdoor playground, will employ around 30 staff members and certified teachers to serve upwards of 180 local kids from 6 weeks old to 6 years old with childcare, enrichment programs, and early childhood education.

“We see a need with young parents, with young children, in the area that seem to be underserved,” said The Learning Experience Chief Brand Officer Brad Wahl. “There’s a lot of growth going on within the entire (Southwest Florida) area – and certainly the Cape Coral area specifically.”

The Learning Experience’s proprietary L.E.A.P. (Learning Experience Academic Program) curriculum encourages children to lean in a more hands-on and engaging environment.

“Our schools are built and designed in a way to make sure that the children are in a space that allows for them to smile on a consistent and regular basis,” Wahl said. “And that goes down to everything from the colors that we use in the rooms and in the hallways and to our cast of characters.”

The Learning Experience has created nearly 100 characters to go along with students on their educational journeys. Bubbles the Elephant, along with his cast of friends, help kids learn in a fun and engaging way.

“Each one of those characters has a purpose in the development of the child,” Wahl said. “Children can learn about adding and numbers and math, or they can do that through a character called, ‘Two Plus Toucan,’ who helps make learning about math and math principles fun.”

Children can learn about reading and literature with Phoebe the llama, discover science with “Lionstein,” catch a tune with “Bongo Bear,” and more.

“What we bring is something unique and different within the early education space,” Wahl said. “We’ve got a mission of having a positive impact on the children, the families and the communities that we serve. And that’s not just a statement on the wall of a corporate office, that’s part of who we are and what we bring to the community.

“Part of our approach is creating what we call, ‘a fun a joyful environment,’ where the children are happy to learn, play and grow. We’re not bringing to the community another daycare, preschool, early education option, we are bringing something that is unique and different for the children and the families in those areas.”

The Learning Experience’s curriculum is broken down into six ages and stages of early childhood that include: Infants (6-weeks to 1-year); Toddlers (1 to 2); Twaddlers (2 to 2 -1/2); Preppers (2 -1/2 to 3); Preschoolers (3 to 5); and Kindergarteners (5-6).

“Our approach to early education is more about developmental stages, not as much as how old you are,” Wahl said.

Part of the curriculum is not just basic reading, writing and math, it’s teaching life lessons and promoting positive human behavior from an early age.

“We believe part of development is about things like kindness, philanthropy, just being a good person and having an impact on your community,” Wahl said. “We believe that’s a way we give back to the community, by providing a developmental system that’s going to have a lifetime of impact.”

Wahl said staff is provided all of the development and training needed to implement their curriculum. The Learning Experience is looking for staff to join their team at the Cape Coral location, as well as a Fort Myers location coming by the end of 2022. For more information, and for parents interested in enrolling their children, visit www.thelearningexperience.com.

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