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Suncoast Credit Union provides $270,000 in grants to School District

By Staff | Dec 16, 2021

The School District of Lee County announced this week that it has received nearly $270,000 in grants for the 2021-2022 school year from the Suncoast Credit Union Foundation to support students and teachers. There are 13 different programs or events that will receive financial support as a result of this generous donation.

“We have greatly benefited from a partnership with Suncoast Credit Union for many years,” said Dr. Terri Kinsey, Assistant Director for Grants and Program Development. “These programs being funded provide direct educational support to students and teachers and align with school district goals as well as the goals of the Suncoast Credit Union Foundation.”

The Suncoast Credit Union Foundation’s mission is to promote the education, health, and emotional wellbeing of children across the communities Suncoast Credit Union serves. With Suncoast’s strong presence in Lee County, they have donated more than $1.2 million to the School District since 2015, funding impactful programs supporting students and teachers.

The programs and events supported by Suncoast Credit Union Foundation in the 2021-2022:

• Outboard Marine Ser-vice Technology at Fort Myers High School, $80,000

• Grow Your Own Scholarships, $50,000

• Culinary Arts Pro-grams, $35,000

• Agriculture Programs, $35,000

• District Resource Cen-ter, $17,000

• College Night, $14,000

• New Teacher Orien-tation Exclusive Sponsor-ship, $10,000

• Title Sponsor of Ele-mentary Science Expo, $10,000

• Lee County Spelling Bee, $5,775

• Compose Yourself, $4,600

• Battle of the Books, $4,300

• History Fair/Mock Trials, $2,000

• Math Team Compe-tition, $1,500

“We were originally founded as a teacher’s credit union,” said Cindy Helton, Executive Director of the Suncoast Credit Union Foun-dation. “Though our membership has grown beyond just educators, our commitment to education remains as strong as ever, especially in Lee County where many of our members live and work. We know this support will allow Lee County Schools to provide important learning opportunities that help develop students into leaders and enrich their lives through new experiences.”