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Comcast, city reach accord on cable extension

Agreement should help residents plagued by slow internet speeds

By CHUCK BALLARO - | Dec 1, 2021

The city of Cape Coral on Tuesday reached an agreement with Comcast to extend its cable system in an effort to encourage the expansion of broadband and other cable-related services.

The city will contribute $500,000 to the project, which will benefit Cape Coral residents, especially those in Northwest and Northeast Cape Coral, the extension area, which is unserved and/or underserved from a broadband perspective, according to Melissa Mickey, public information specialist for the city.

Comcast will incur a share of the costs as well to extend its facilities. The total project cost is estimated at $14.3 million.

The agreement Many residents have complained about glacier-like download and upload speeds on their internet service, if they have any service at all.

“In an ongoing effort to enhance the lives of Cape Coral residents, the city hopes the service expansion agreement will improve broadband service to the residents of Cape Coral,” Mickey said in an e-mail.

The extended facilities will be owned, operated and maintained by Comcast.

Comcast expects work to begin within two weeks after permits are granted, with completion expected in about six months, but no more than a year, Mickey said, adding she was not sure of when exactly the project would begin.