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Promotional Incentives Inc. celebrating 30 years in business

By KATIE EGAN - | Nov 19, 2020

PHOTO PROVIDED Jack and Lucy Costa

Still going strong after three decades is a testament to success.

Cape Coral-based Promotional Incentives Inc. is celebrating its 30th business anniversary.

“It’s a triumph over a lot of odds,” said one of the owners, Lucy Costa. “It’s extremely satisfying. Our goal is to always get results and help clients accomplish their goals, whether it’s to raise money, awareness, thank people or get attention on a product or service.”

Founded in 1990, the husband and wife team has helped provide promotional products to companies and organizations throughout Florida and the country.

Lucy and Jack Costa have been part of branding efforts and promotional campaigns for companies in this region, providing custom apparel, recognition awards, business gifts and branded products.

Promotional Incentives can brand coffee cups, tumblers, clothing, alarm clocks and almost anything else. Visit https://www.promotionalincentives.com/ to see everything it offers.

“A core goal for me is to help people,” Lucy said. “And we are helping in many ways because we are very professional and we care about what we do. We help in more ways than just bringing products to companies or organizations.”

Claudine Leger-Wetzel, director of marketing and community relations at STOCK Development, has been working with Promotional Incentives for about 20 years.

“The quality of your brand is very important and I think Lucy and her team understand inherently what’s important,” she said. “We are a luxury homebuilder and our brand is very important. They do a really great job of always sharing with us high quality items at a fair price and to continually assist in branding the company at the highest level.

“As the company has evolved, they have been able to evolve with us.”

PHOTO PROVIDED Promotional Incentives’ “Shop On Lion,” which promoted online shopping.

Promotional Incentives can be a one-stop-shop for branding campaigns because nearly any item you can think of is available from one company.

“If they order this item from this company and this item from that company, etc., you could have six different companies working on items,” Lucy said. “It’s very time intensive and there are a lot of details. If they have a third entity like us they know they can trust and rely on for all items, it makes everything more streamlined.”

Promotional Incentives can also help with brainstorming and events, and help think of other ideas about how to implement something.

“You want to do a gift, but you don’t know how to distribute it or get it out there,” Costa said. “We take it seriously. We are promo consultants, not just vendors.”

You may recognize the “Shop On Lion” campaign, implemented as a giveaway to promote shopping online.

It was recognized for its creativity and innovation as it was introduced on the cusp of the Internet revolution.

A unique campaign in 2011 introduced “Promo-Gumby” as the company spokesman designed to re-engage customers and reinforce brand identity. The universally recognized character travels the world with clients and friends appearing in photos with his logo branded T-shirt touting the message, “Creative, Flexible and Going Green.”

Most recently, Promotional Incentives has seen an increase in PPE and other safety products.

“That’s what became the items of choice this year,” Costa said. “Hand sanitizer and masks and other safety related items.”

Promotional Incentive can also do things like custom branded masks, dividers and pop-up displays to show up in the back of Zoom calls.

Drinkware such as Yeti and Tervis tumblers are popular.

“It’s become like the new fashion accessory,” Costa said.

Promotional Incentives’ tag line, Getting Results, defines its mission.

Whether celebrating milestones, strengthening morale, simplifying technology or boosting health and safety, the Costas continue to fulfill their purpose.

“When we help a client implement the perfect promotion or find the ideal recognition gift,” Lucy said. “We are fulfilling our passion of helping people feel valued and part of a team.”

The Costas have also contributed to dozens of local charities, serving on boards and committees, offering significant discounts and implementing cost-effective, strategic promotions to help each reach its goals.

“We feel very good about what we’ve done to help them and all their causes,” Lucy said. “The goal was to help worthwhile organizations and causes.

“We want to use our skills to do good in the world.”

For additional information about the business, please contact Lucy Costa at lucy@promotionalincentives.com, 239-549-2555 or visit www.Promotional Incentives.com.