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Pottery in Paradise shop now open in South Cape

By KATIE EGAN - | Nov 5, 2020

Photos provided The colorful mushrooms are popular items.

Pottery in Paradise opened last month behind Trebing Tile.

Cape Coral residents can grab some garden décor, water fountains, metal art and pottery when they’re near the downtown strip.

“We sell anything to improve your outdoor décor,” said owner Ryan Mcdonough. “This side right here is all Vietnamese pottery and next door is the Mexican Talavera and in the back room we have the fountains and some more Vietnamese pottery.”

Mcdonough has a background in the pottery business.

He got into it eight years ago and he’s worked at Pottery Express, and as a manager at Pottery As Art in Bonita Springs and Sarasota.

PHOTO PROVIDED Decorative pumpkins at the new Cape shop.

“We live in the Cape,” he said of himself and wife, Loree, a co-owner of Pottery in Paradise. “Instead of having to drive to Sarasota every day or drive to Bonita every day, it just made more sense to come to Cape Coral.

“And they don’t have one of these in the Cape, so we figured, why not?”

So far, they’ve had a lot of traction.

“It’s been pretty steady,” Mcdonough said. “But it’s still new and no one really knows we’re here yet.”

Some popular items include the fun and cheerful bright blue, purple, red, yellow and orange mushrooms.

“They’re selling like crazy,” Mcdonough said.

The Mexican Talavera is also selling well.

The fish, turtles, lizards, owls, flamingoes, pumpkins, skulls and planters are mostly black with bright blue, yellow, green, orange and other colors.

The designs were fun, folksy and floral.

Known as “majolica” in Spain, Mexican Talavera’s name comes from the 16th century Spanish town where Talavera pottery originated, Talavera de la Reina.

Pottery in Paradise also offers fountains, metal art, pottery, statuary and décor.

Ryan Mcdonough likes to take care of everything behind the scenes.

Loree Mcdonough, who worked at Publix for 22 years as a cake decorator, works with customers and takes care of the displays.

“We work well together,” Ryan Mcdonough said.

They looked at a few locations in Fort Myers and even at a location across the street from where they’re at now, 4536 S.E. 16th Place, Unit 1 and 2, Cape Coral.

“We wanted to be in the downtown Cape Coral area,” Ryan Mcdonough said.

Pottery in Paradise also offers delivery and setup.

They’ll set up the fountain and make sure it’s running properly and put the pots where they need to go.

Delivery includes anywhere from Punta Gorda to Naples.

Hours at Pottery in Paradise are 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Saturday; Closed, Sunday.

For additional information, call 239-673-8704 or visit