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True Lyes offers all-natural soaps

By Staff | Feb 14, 2020

CHUCK BALLARO Dina Clark in the back room where she makes much of her soap at True Lyes at the Merchants Crossing Shopping Center.

Nobody really thinks of what kind of soap they use on their bodies every day when they’re in the shower. Most people usually just go to the store and pick up a name-brand bar.

Some people are a little more particular, either because of allergies or skin conditions or they just like a more natural soap.

That’s the niche Dina Clark and her small company, True Lyes, has built from its tiny location at the Merchants Crossing Shopping Center on North Cleveland Avenue.

Clark said the business started by accident because they have a son with eczema. They had used creams and ointments on him until they come across something.

“We went to a market and we saw someone selling soap and we bought it. His eczema cleared up, and as long as he used the soap, we didn’t need to use the steroid cream,” Clark said. “That’s when I started looking into natural soaps.”

Apparently, her father-in-law thought they had made the soap themselves, as his grandmother made soap, and was able to teach Dina how to do it.

Clark said she didn’t want to use dyes or synthetic oils, but rather all-natural ingredients that were more user-friendly. It allowed them to develop a number of different soaps, all natural.

“We use food-grade oils, real butters and goat milk and plant oils. Our colors are root-powdered. We use charcoal, thyme, it was important how the soaps were made,” Clark said.

They started in a studio in Cape Coral, moved to a small retail place on Del Prado Boulevard, finally coming to Merchants Crossing about a year ago.

There are 42 varieties of soap, all hand-crafted in the store. They can even customize soap for those with allergies to certain ingredients. They also have essential oils, bath salts, body wash and butters, lotions, bath balms and cosmetics, again all natural.

True Lyes offers a flat price for their soaps. A large bar is $10.49, with occasional specials where you can buy three for $25. They also offer classes for those who want to learn to make soap.

The store started strong before all the painting and facade work started and all the signs came down, but they weathered the storm and business has returned.

“We like it at Merchants Crossing because of the foot traffic between the theater and fitness center,” Clark said.

True Lyes is open Tuesday and Thursday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Friday and Saturday from 1 to 6 p.m. They are closed Sunday, Monday and Wednesday so they can make soap.

For additional information, call 574-5253 or go to www.truelyes.net.