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Orangetheory Fitness now open in Cape Coral

By Staff | Mar 1, 2019

A new Orangetheory Fitness opened in Cape Coral last month offering residents a program that will help them get into shape, or maintain their weight.

The new location, at 2311 Santa Barbara Blvd., Units 106 and 107, is owned by Bob and Barbara MacIntyre.

Orangetheory Fitness head coach Heidi Skoglund said they basically offer one-hour fitness classes that focus on endurance, strength and power. The classes include a heart rate monitor and a highly skilled personal trainer.

Skoglund said the program is great for increasing one’s metabolism, providing members with a more efficient workout where they are not overtraining or undertraining.

“The members love it. I have had so many people that I have actually seen that have lost over 100 pounds,” she said.

The fitness classes are great for everybody, from the person who has never worked out before, to the skilled athlete who wants to improve his or her marathon time.

Skoglund said the program provides insight to those members who are pushing themselves to the correct limit, and for those who are pushing themselves too hard.

“They bleed orange,” she said of the members. “They are obsessed with it. They bring friends, family and co-workers.”

On average, members of Orangetheory burn an estimated 600 to 1,000 calories per one-hour class. Those members burn additional calories for up to 36 hours after their workout.

The classes are mostly held in the morning and evening, so individuals can go before, or after, work. Mid-day classes are also sometimes held for those who can sneak away during their lunch break.

The 60-minute classes include half strength training and the other half, cardio. Skoglund said members have the opportunity to pick which one they would like to start with first.

For instance, she said the first half can start on the treadmill as she coaches the members through different intervals – base, push or all out.

“Everyone has their own version – power walker, jogger and runner. They take it into the pace to get their heart rate to where it should be,” she explained.

The weight room, or strength training, can include a combination of weighted exercises and rowing. The class works on different muscle groups for the total body workout.

Skoglund said with Orangetheory, she is walking around providing a personal training touches.

“This way I can show them what they need to do. I walk around and critique them, offer challenges, assistance or options,” she said.

Skoglund was a member for two years before becoming a coach for Orangetheory. She said she was constantly working out at one of the clubs when the coaches encouraged her to become a coach herself.

“I have coached over 2,000 classes with Orangetheory,” Skoglund said. “I love the energy about it. It is always fun, always exciting. Every day is a completely different workout. We do the same workouts at all of our studios across the world.”

Orangetheory offers monthly memberships based on the number of classes people wish to take. The memberships include four times a month, eight times a month or unlimited.

Skoglund recommends an individual to take three or four classes a week if they wish to make changes to their body.

“Four days a week is prime,” she said.

For those who feel pretty good and just want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, two classes, maybe three, a week is recommended.

Skoglund encourages individuals to stop by the studio and see what Orangetheory is all about.

“The first class is free,” she said.