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Cut-A-Thon to benefit breast cancer organizations

By Staff | Oct 15, 2012

Photo provided Susan D. Murphy, center, and the staff at Hair FX Studio.

If you want to go pink, or get a great deal on salon services, you can be part of the 2nd Annual Hair FX Studio Cut-A-Thon to benefit breast cancer organizations this Sunday, Oct. 14.

Last year the event was packed, said Hair FX Studio owner Susan D. Murphy.

“You can get $10 pink extensions, $10 haircuts, $10 manicures, $10 chair massages or a $10 brow wax,” she said,

And yes, a lot of people are going pink.

“A lot of people get pink extensions,” she said. “They start at the beginning of October to raise awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.”

The event will be both inside and outside of the salon. Outside is for Susan G. Komen, inside is to benefit Lee Memorial Health System’s Breast Cancer Services.

“Outside will be a big tent with pink treats the staff of Hair FX is making and pizza donated by Donanthony Pizza. They (staff and Donanthony owner Anthony Scazullo) are all awesome,” she said.

A special raffle with many great prizes will also be held. Tickets are $5.

“One prize is for $300 worth of salon services, also a $200 Pink CHI Flatiron, a specialty product many know about,” she said. “There will also be $125 worth of cleaning services donated by Susie’s House Cleaning Services, also a Cape business, and the owner is one of my clients.”

Another client who is donating a great raffle prize worth $130 is from Dennis Perry Photography.

“He and his wife are my clients,” Murphy said.

Breast cancer causes are near and dear to Murphy’s heart. She was diagnosed with breast cancer on May 10, 2010.

“I’m doing great now, wonderful,” she said. “It’s going to be two years since I’ve been cancer free.”

At the time, she did not have insurance, and needed significant funds for treatment. She received substantial grants from both Lee Memorial and Komen.

Since then, she has met numerous survivors, and those still going through the disease.

“Through my journeys I met many and have learned a lot.”

That is especially about hair care for those in need. “We had one cancer patient come in and she had a wig that was really short, it was a bad cut, really ruined,” she said. “She paid $200 for it and could not get her money back.”

Murphy worked to get the woman a new look.

“We do extensions and wigs, with me learning a lot through having to wear a wig myself two years ago.”

They also offer free “buzzes” for chemo patients, and free manicures for all cancer patients.

“Just to make them feel good,” she said.

“We also make the key chains that are called ‘beads of awareness’ and they will be available for a donation outside on Sunday.”

She also said she works closely with Dara Leichter, director of Outpatient Breast Health Imaging at Lee Memorial Health System. “Lee Memorial was so wonderful,” Murphy said, of where she got treated.

The event runs from 11 a.m to 6 p.m.

Hair FX Studio is in South Cape Coral near WalMart, next to Donanthony Pizza South.

“We’ve been in business at the same location for 13 years.” She started the business then. “I also owned a salon when I was 21 years old, and then managed several others in the Cape for several years. I’ve done it all.”

The formal address of Hair FX Studio is 3812 Skyline Blvd., #E. The phone number is 549-1139.