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CCPD receives high marks in Citizens Survey

By Staff | Oct 8, 2011

The Cape Coral Police Department received high marks on its annual Citizens Survey in areas such as timeliness, professionalism and overall satisfaction.

The survey was provided to individuals who have had direct interaction with the agency, according to CCPD spokesman Lt. Tony Sizemore. When a report is filed with the police, an e-mail address for the involved party is obtained.

“The computer system pulls all those e-mail addresses and sends a survey,” he said, adding that the recent results are for fiscal year 2010 to 2011.

“These are actual people who have really dealt with us,” Sizemore said.

One hundred seventeen people responded to the 27-question survey.

According to the results, 78 respondents – 91 percent – agreed that the department responded to their request for service in a timely manner. Four people, or 5 percent, disagreed; four indicated timeliness was not applicable.

Thirty-one respondents skipped the question.

Overall, 113 people agreed that the department was courteous, or 96.58 percent. The remaining four respondents – 3.42 percent – disagreed.

In terms of being helpful, 108 respondents – 92.31 percent – noted that the agency was, while the remaining nine people, or 7.69 percent, disagreed.

The results reveal that 93 percent, or 109 respondents, were satisfied overall with the professionalism exhibited by members of the department. Eight respondents – 7 percent – expressed dissatisfaction in this area.

For overall service provided by the agency, 8 percent – nine people – were dissatisfied. The remaining 108 respondents, or 92 percent, were satisfied.

According to the results, the majority of the people who responded to the survey – 68 percent – were a victim of a crime. Thirty-eight percent said they contacted police for their home; 24 percent for their vehicle or boat.

Most of the respondents – 90 percent – reported that they live in the Cape. One person lives in Fort Myers and one in unincorporated Lee County. Ten respondents, or 9 percent, specified “other” as their city of residence.

Seventy-one percent said their initial contact was a phone call to 911.

Of the respondents, 76 percent had a Cape police officer respond to their request for service, while 18 percent had a public service aide show up.

In the majority of the cases – 70 percent – an investigator was not assigned, according to the results. Twelve people skipped this question.

The survey also asked respondents about how safe they feel in the Cape.

Out of the 117 respondents, 109 indicated that they feel safe or very safe during the day time. Ninety-five said the same about the night time hours.

As for the conditions in the city that the respondents are most concerned about, the top four included breaking and entering or burglaries, thefts from vehicles, vandalism to property and speeding vehicles or aggressive drivers.

The respondents were least concerned about noisy neighbors or late night parties, hate crimes, racial tension and loitering, according to the results.

At the end of the survey, the agency also asked that respondents rate its performance for various duties, like preventing crime and enforcing the law.