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Local student starts her own online business

By Staff | Oct 26, 2010

Photo provided Savannah Harmon, 8, had an official kick off party for her new online business StellaPINK.com on Sunday, Oct. 10.

An 8-year-old young girl held a party recently to kick off her very own business venture, StellaPINK.com.

Staci Harmon said she started her own business, Ninth Wave Motivation, so she could be at home more with her daughter Savannah. She said she did not realize how much her daughter was paying attention to what she was doing in her women’s club until she began asking a ton of questions.

After Savannah began helping her mother with various tasks for her group, she told her she would not mind having her own club.

Savannah is a 3rd-grade student at Pelican Elementary School. Her favorite subject is art, but she said she also enjoys science because she likes to study things.

The artistic 8-year-old created StellaPINK, which is a website that offers advice, along with fashion and room decor. Savannah and her mother have been working on StellaPINK since April and held an official kick off party Oct. 10.

Savannah said she began the website because she wanted other girls to feel good about themselves and to know that they are special.

“I hope other girls read my site and feel important because they are,” she said.

One of the messages Savannah is currently providing on her website addresses the topic of bullying. She said since bullies are insecure, they decide to pick on someone else. Her message, “be a buddy, not a bully,” is included in her advice.

“No bullies are allowed in the club, no one will be allowed to talk bad about others,” she said.

Savannah said she also wanted to make her website for girls who want to stay up on fashion and meet other cool girls with nice personalities by joining Club StellaPINK.

“If she is willing to put herself out there to be a good role model or at least to make them think a little bit, I don’t want to hold her back,” Staci said. “She is very smart and makes good decisions.”

The creative process for her fashion portion of the website began when Savannah started designing her own purse, which was made from a skirt that was sewed at the bottom with handles attached.

Another idea of hers was to create a belt that held 1 by 2-inch slots for pictures, since the pictures portrayed in bracelets were too small to see. Staci said she has a family belt and a friends belt.

“I hope everyone likes my belts and wants one,” Savannah said. “It would be fun to see kids with one of my belts on at school.”

Savannah said she likes to wear fun, fashionable, but mostly comfortable clothing. She said she also likes to wear flip-flops with everything she wears.

“She has her own style and it doesn’t all match,” Staci said, adding that she wears polka dots with stripes and some how she pulls it off. “She has that inter-confidence.”

All of the items sold on StellaPINK.com is no more than $25, so all of Savannah’s friends can afford to purchase something they like.

“I am very proud of her,” Staci said.

For more information, visit StellaPINK.com.