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Down to the wire: Two remaining Lee high schools now have caps and gowns

By MEGHAN BRADBURY - | May 19, 2022


Mariner received the remainder of their caps and gowns Wednesday afternoon and Fort Myers High School recieved theirs today.

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Down to the wire: Two Lee high schools still waiting on caps and gowns

With graduations set for this weekend, two Lee County high schools were still waiting for their full order of caps and gowns on Wednesday.

Mariner High School and Fort Myers High School were still more than 100 short on their orders, according to School District of Lee County spokesperson Rob Spicker.

“Ida Baker received their 114 remaining caps and gowns today (Wednesday). All schools have received their caps and gowns and many have already distributed them, or will by the end of the week,” he said.

Herff Jones, the company the schools use for cap and gown orders, said supply chain issues are causing the delayed deliveries and delivery is not being guaranteed, Spicker said, adding that all students will have caps and gowns nonetheless.

“We have developed contingency plans, so that every student can walk the graduation stage in a cap and gown. On top of the donation efforts, we have secured enough caps and gowns, so every student has one to wear,” Spicker said. “We believe that our students should walk across the graduations stage in a cap and gown and that their parents deserve that moment. We will make it happen for both for them.”