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Resident’s dream becomes reality after rebuilding 1970 AAR Barracuda

By Staff | Feb 16, 2013
Louis Disco The "after" picture of the 1970 AAR Barracuda
What the Barracuda looked like before Disco began working on it.

I had a dream …

About five years ago, I acquired a 1970 AAR Barracuda which I had long sought. However, much to my dismay, it turned out to be a mechanical, as well as a bodily, disaster.

The engine/transmission needed overhauling. Not only was it a mechanic’s nightmare, but also an example of how a sieve may have been made back in medieval times. The dash pad needed total replacement; the windshield was shattered from one end to the other; the back glass was shattered; and the rear seat and cushions were in the midst of what would appear to be two wildcats with a fight to the death.

Humorously speaking, it appeared that the front floor boards, as well as under the back seat, were air-conditioned. I opened the trunk at the rear of the car and was horrified to see holes in the floor board and holes in the gas tank floor, and with one gas tank strap rusted in two. The rear fenders were rusted at the top from front to rear. In reality, because there was not much left of the rest of the rear fenders, they were replaced.

After much time and effort we spent in the restoration of this mechanical disaster acquisition, the end result was that I became the proud owner of a restored, mint condition, plum crazy 1970 AAR Cuda attested to at many car shows as my “dream come true.”